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The Standards

There are many different standards for many different purposes. Below is a very brief overview of some of the more commonly requested standards, but these are not the only ones we can help you with. Whatever your required standards, we are happy to discuss how we can help!

ISO 9001

Quality Management System

The standard is intended to demonstrate that you have a system in place to ensure you meet or exceed your customers’ requirements and to enable you to continually improve your operations.

It requires that you plan how you control your processes and that you provide the required resources to supply product as expected and required by your customers. It requires that you monitor the processes involved and analyse the results to be able to apply these observations to continually improve your operations.


ISO 14001

Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 is concerned with meeting environmentally-related requirements.

In the UK, the foremost related legislation is the Control of Pollution Act, from which many hundreds of regulations and associated acts have arisen. By law, all organisations are obligated to know the relevant legislation and to adhere to all requirements. ISO14001 provides a system to do this within a verifiable and documented framework.

ISO 14001 requires that you identify the laws and regulations that are relevant to the operations of your business and how your business may adversely affect the environment. It requires that you control your processes in such a way that you minimise their impact on the environment. You must monitor the effectiveness of implemented systems in meeting all requirements, both legal obligations and your own targets and analyse your observations and apply these toward the continual improvement of your systems.


ISO 27001

Information Security Management System

ISO 27001 applies to the protection of information in all formats, including data stored on computer servers, PC’s, CD’s, DVD’s, memory sticks and even Post-It notes and information in people’s heads.

The standard requires that an organisation knows the information it holds or controls and the threats and risks to the information. The organisation must also know who is responsible for each type of information. It needs to determine threats which need to be addressed and the means to control them.


OHSAS 18001

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

OHSAS 18001 is an internationally-accepted standard for the Management of Occupational Health and Safety systems. It was created via a consortium of various standards bodies, certification bodies, and specialist consultancies, who were trying to produce a single standard out of the various certifiable OH&S specifications.

OHSAS 18001 was developed to be compatible with the ISO9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environmental) management standards to facilitate integrating the required procedures with existing management systems.


Other Standards

While not all standards are listed, we do provide our consultancy service to a wide range of various standards.

Other standards include;

BS 25999 – Business Continuity Standard
EN 4511 – Engineering Standard
ISO 17024 – Certification Body for Persons Standard
ISO 22001 – Food Safety Management Standard

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